An EU integrated project

A 7.8 millions euros EU funded Integrated Project SERENITY brings together software companies, application solution developers and research institutions. This consortium will be driven by the need for security and dependability solutions in e-business, e-government and communication domains. SERENITY is part of the R&D European Union's Sixth Framework Programme. SERENITY research theme, security and dependability in AmI systems, is included in the strategic line "Towards a global dependability and security framework", in the Information Society Technologies (IST) European research program. Under the authority of the European Commission, within the Sixth Framework Programme, SERENITY will receive a 7.8 million euros funding, among an overall budget of 13.1 million euros.

As an EU Integrated Project, SERENITY is a multipartner project designed to support objective-driven research. The primary deliverable is generating the knowledge required to implement the thematic priorities. SERENITY is integrated in the following ways :

The general exploitation strategy adopted in SERENITY will be to release its open source results under a LGPL licence making it freely available to anybody in order to maximise its dissemination and build a SERENITY community to contribute to its evolution. This does not mean that other possible solutions will not be investigated during the project execution to see if during the project execution there will be the conditions and the market scenarios to adopt more suitable licences.

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